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Jaystones Poetry

Here is my friend Jaystones poetry it is some pretty whacked shit.


Tired of being who you want me to be
I want to run from here
Call me away to become
one in a million pieces
broken inside by glass
Fuck this reality within me

I am who you want me to be
closed in by a roomful of hurt
laughing at my innocence
I become who I hate

This way I travel
by car or plane
still filled with self hate
I know my limitations

Razor blade on my pillow
the drops form circles
a case of mistaken blues
no more wanting to become
who you want me to be.

Copyright 2000 Jason Lewis

Catch a fallen angel
put him on a pedistal
look inside the prophets eye
to see beyond the interpretation
the stone of the elixer
born of suffering
inducing splinter
the mortal beckons

I am Lucifer
gaze into the oceans of time eternal
angel of light
follow the morning star
beyond the northern star
I am of the lightbearer

In the beauty calls the confused one
an only son
born with a golden sceptor
to be forever grateful
partake of the ritual

Copyright 2000 Jason Lewis

With my flashlight
I shine towards god
does he see my light
I try to let it shine
but my batteries are dead

Copyright 2000 Jason Lewis

Open up your mind
let the aural expanse begin
burning incense
the aroma
fills the glands

Eruption of emotions
calling to the divine
allow it to come to you

A ritual
burned herbs
feeling like
the world is coming down

Copyright 2000 Jason Lewis

for a troubled soul
in a day of confusion

a man cries
for a savior to beckon
to heal what time has forgot

In the daze
hidden creations arise
cowering down in a corner

A young man
dying inside
tears of lament

take control
follow the dream
a lie
a lie
a lie

Opiate for a troubled soul
in a day of confusion

Copyright 2000 Jason Lewis

The poems here are more or less story poems. See if you can figure out what I'm trying to say.


Part 1

The reign of the laughing warriors had come to an abrupt stop with years of being held back by the somber tribe of the superstituos mountain range. ABEV the clan leader of the angra was held in contempt by the court jester Orage. The eunic and the banjo player sung in dischord about the decision. It had come to pass; spake V.V. the prophet who had an uncanny ability to see exactly 1 minute and 62 seconds into the future by way of eaten a bowl of cheerios in his past life. The old lady made some herbal tea.

Part 2 (The Souvenir)

Felicia, the bald headed, pot smoking son of a gun had stolen Mikes U.F.O. souvenir. Mike, had all the reason to murder Felicia. But Enuman the alien from the distant planet Veparth intervened and split the souvenir into. Both Mike and Felicia were happy that the souvenir, an alien subtitled film titanic had been saved. The old lady made some herbal tea.

Part 3 (The Myth)

There was a myth told by many. Scholars had tried to debunk the story, but evidence mysteriously came from nowhere. The origins seem to be rooted in the dynasty of the Groovy D-Mo Gravy clan. The myth passed from generation to generation is now in the museum of myths located in the Valley Square Mall next to Bibleland on first street in the township of Atlantis. The old lady made some herbal tea.

Copyright 2000 Jason Lewis

A woman mountain biking; Actual size=180 pixels wide

As always free the weed man. Remember to spread the high. Never roll stems or seeds, and sit back and enjoy natures way of saying HIGH!


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